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Three Programs.
A World of Good.

Religious leaders in today’s diverse world are peacebuilders — driven by a calling to understand not just their own faith, but various faiths alive in the communities they serve. At Hartford International University for Religion & Peace, you’ll join an interfaith peer group and professors who broaden your perspective and, in turn, deepen your ability to make a difference in a world where the roads no longer diverge — they come together.

Multi-faith students seated in a group, listening to a speaker

Master of Arts in Interreligious Studies

Learn religion in an interfaith environment. Our MA in Interreligious Studies degree program will immerse you in the lived reality of religions and the relationships between different faiths, while deepening your knowledge of your own. You're able to specialize in Islamic Studies or Ministerial Studies, or complete the general degree program.

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Master of Arts in Chaplaincy

Our MA in Chaplaincy program integrates psychology and sociology within a theological education that emphasizes foundational knowledge of all faiths. You’ll gain confidence in your understanding of and ability to empathize with people of all backgrounds. This is why our graduates excel as chaplains in many settings – from hospitals and prisons to universities, the military, and in the community.

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Master of Arts in International Peacebuilding

Our MA in Peacebuilding program builds knowledge in interreligious peace studies and uses experiential learning to examine conflict and build relationships across lines of difference. You’ll use case studies and role-play of real-world examples, engage with the Hartford community, and more to gain the skills that lead to lasting and peaceful change.

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A diverse group of students sitting and standing in front of HIU's main building

How We Come Together
Sets Us Apart

Since 1834, HIU has created a pioneering interreligious environment like no other — one that has helped thousands of people deepen their faith and lead countless more out of conflict.

The People You'll Meet

No matter where they come from or what faith they hold closest in their hearts, Hartford students self-identify with openness. This is your opportunity to embrace complexity through sharing, caring, and learning from one another in a safe and welcoming space.

The Conversations You'll Have

From the issues covered in classes, the dialogue between peers, and the speakers who share their experiences, Hartford is where we engage our hearts and minds.

How have different faith communities responded to the climate crisis? Religious Communities and the Planetary Crisis, a webinar organized by The Interreligious Eco-Justice Network and Hartford for a collaborative series, Many Faiths, One Creation, showcases the Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu perspectives on this global issue.

Hartford’s Macdonald Center for the Study of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations examines the root causes of and religious resources for addressing White Supremacy and Xenophobia, with special attention to the social realities of Race and Xenophobia, which have been rarely acknowledged by a white dominant Christian culture.

Peace, Justice, and Violence in Sacred Texts is a Hartford course where students look to the passages in various religious texts that are used to incite peace, justice, and violence and examine instances that have happened in current times and historically.

Muslim women and their strength are the focus of faculty member Dr. Hossein Kamaly’s book, A History of Islam in 21 Women. A compilation of 21 profiles of strong Muslim women who made their marks in history – when first published in 2019, A New York Times review referred to the women included as “a feisty and intrepid bunch.”

We don’t convert. We converse. Bilal Ansari, Faculty Associate in Muslim Pastoral Theology

The Relationships You'll Cherish

Through an approach to theological study focused on building connections and experiencing our differences, Hartford nourishes a love for the entire human family and a heart for all.

We are hopeful for Salam, Shalom, Peace. Real peace comes in understanding our differences. Joel Lohr, President

The Difference You'll Make

Our alumni are making a difference in all corners of the world – whether by serving as religious leaders in all kinds of communities, facilitating advocacy programs, or teaching in schools.

A Pioneer of Muslim-Christian Relations

The Macdonald Center for the Study of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations is the country’s oldest center for such study, opening in 1973.

Leadership Focus on Critical Topics

Hartford International University has a history of providing leadership education through the Black Ministries Program and now offers training in Eco-Spirituality to develop leadership around climate change.

Cultivating Forward-Thinking Research

HIU’s Hartford Institute for Religion Research has been awarded more than $5 million from Lilly Endowment Inc. to study the COVID-19 pandemic has had and will have on U.S. congregations.

Learning in an Architectural Landmark

Hartford International University was one of the first commercial projects designed by New York-based architect Richard Meier, winner of the 1984 Pritzker Prize.

A Depth and Breadth of Knowledge

The Hartford International library contains more than 92,000 volumes and 300 periodicals, and also offers online access to international databases with several million more titles.

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